Fx5 (pronounced eff-ex-five) refers to journeying along five life domains that are critical for doing life well.  Though we may find ourselves focusing on one domain more than the others at times along our journey, they are not stand-alone and we do not stand alone.  Each domain impacts the others and all are more fully maximized when also tapping into the talents of those around us.  CliftonStrengths is an effective tool for optimizing your life journey across these critical domains.

Fx5 Journey domains and CliftonStrengths:

Faith – Apply your God-given talents to deepen and grow your spirituality resulting in a life lived in alignment with your faith

Family and Friends -- Invest in your distinct talents, those of your family members and the friends that surround you for positive and enduring family and community relationships

Food – Tap into talents to unleash the strength needed to change unwanted conditioned behaviors and choices and create new patterns that better nourish our bodies, minds and spirits

Fitness – Reach health and fitness goals (body, mind and spirit) with a unique understanding of your own personal strengths as initiators and motivators

Fruitfulness – Direct innate patterns of thoughts, behaviors and feelings for optimal productivity

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